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August 2009 : The Grand Credits web site is launched ! A initial database is started. The graphic and dynamic design is created and implemented.

September 14th 2009 : At the occasion of the creation of the Grand Credits installation during the upcoming Ososphère Festival in Strasbourg, the Strasbourg Urban Community (CUS, Strasbourg City Hall) administration contributes the list of all its 6844 permanent employees to the Grand Credits ! The Grand Credits was welcomed with a real enthousiam and concern by the CUS and by the Ososphère team. Many thanks to them !

September 28th 2009 : The artwork has been renamed in english from "The Full Cast" to "The Grand Credits". The old name is obsolete, please don't use it. Use the name "The Grand Credits" ! Thank you.

May 2021: Following the disapperance of Flash, the Grand Credit has been ported to javascript, thanks to the help of and