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The Grand Credits is a permanent technological artwork that relies on a database stored on internet, and one of the challenges of the artwork is of course to fill up and maintain this database. The goal is to effectively list the names of all human beings, not to forget anyone and always be up to date by including the new births.This is achieved through individual contributions, through potential partnerships with administrations and organizations, through social networks, etc... but mainly through the contribution of exhibiting structures.

Of course, the protection of privacy is a central preoccupation for The Grand Credits. It is important to note that only the names (first name and last name) are listed. No other information directly relative to the person is collected, stored nor listed. Every person can access and modify his or her data. And of course, the objective of The Grand Credits is absolutely non-commercial.

Exhibition contribution

The most symbolic and strong contributions originate in the collaborations with the exhibiting parties (curators, art centers, museums, etc...) By including the list of the artists, the contacts address book or the names of the visitors, by setting up a partnership with the local administration (town, region, etc..) or with close parnters, the exhibiting structures allow the Grand Credits to create a mirroring link with the visitors of the exhibition. Even if they don't directly see their name in the credits (the probability is low), they see familiar names, to which they can relate.

The form and the content of the contribution depends on the possibilities of the exhibiting party itself and is the object of a collaboration work with the artist prior to the exhibition. These contributions can go from the transfer of a file or part of a file to potentially a direct permanent technical connection between the databases to ensure permanent updates.

Direct Individual Contributions

If you are an individual, you can contribute by adding your name and/or the name of your contacts. This can be done here.

Modify your data

If you wish to modify and/or remove your name from the Grand Credits, please let us know.